Protection and exploitation of new inventions and utility models.

A patent for an invention is a right, guaranteed by the State or by the European Union, which gives the holder a monopoly on the exploitation of his/her invention, that is, that particular solution to a technical problem that was not previously known.

Our company provides the following services in this regard:

  • consulting and assistance for the protection of new inventions and utility models in all areas of technology;
  • preparation and filing of patent and utility model applications in any European country and internationally;
  • transfer of patents and utility models in Italy and abroad, or licensing and preparation of related documents;

providing advice on issues of validity or infringement.

A patent confers protection throughout the Italian territory and in the state of San Marino and can be recognised in the Vatican City. It is valid for 20 years.

The application for the grant of a European patent may be filed regardless of the existence of a prior national patent. It is valid for 20 years.


Our philosophy is to understand the customer's business in order to identify, protect and exploit their invention through the tools of intellectual property rights recognised by national and international regulations.


A fundamental requirement in order for a utility model to be recognised as such resides in its intrinsic novelty or originality, which affects, for example, an already known mechanism or form.

It is best to patent an idea in its infancy: a patent filed incomplete but in good time may always be perfected later; a complete patent, filed late, may no longer be valid.

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