Our story

The company was founded by two internationally qualified engineers in the field of industrial property, who have worked in the field since 1986.

It also makes use of specialists in the various fields of engineering, industrial law and technology transfer.

Founding members

Domenico Laforgia

Domenico Laforgia

He graduated with honours in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Bari in the academic year 1974-1975. The University later became the Polytechnic of Bari, where he began his academic career and obtained a license to practice as an engineer.

From 2007 to 2013, he was Rector of the University of Salento, where he was also Head of the Faculty of Engineering for six years and Director of the Department of Innovation Engineering for three years. At this university, he is also Professor of Machines and Systems for Energy and the Environment and Director of the Centre for Energy Research and the Environment (CREA). He taught the "Innovation and Industrial Property" course for three years.

In 1985 he obtained the professional qualification to be a consultant in industrial property and started one of the three Consulting firms dealing with International Industrial Patents based in southern Italy, from which the company Laforgia, Bruni & Partners srl developed.

In 2012 he left Laforgia, Bruni & Partners, which he had founded, due to his many academic and professional commitments

Giovanni Bruni

Giovanni Bruni

He graduated with honours in Mechanical Engineering in 1985-1986 at the University of Bari, where he also obtained a licence to practice as an engineer.

He has worked as a manager at Bosch, Fiat-GM Powertrain, Nuvera Fuel Cells and General Motors Powertrain Europe. In his professional career, he has been involved in the development and application of the Common Rail injection system, for which he also appears as inventor in numerous patents. He has also worked in the development of fuel cell engines.

He has been working in the field of industrial property since 1989. In 1996 he obtained professional qualification as a consultant in industrial property in patents and trademarks, validated by the Italian Patent and Trademark Office and the Office for Harmonisation in the Internal Market. He has been a founding member of Laforgia, Bruni & Partners since 2006 and in 2007 he obtained qualification at the European Patent Office.

In the field of industrial property, he has developed specific expertise in company IP management, operating in multinational environments, including on site.

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