The patent box tax regime for trademarks and patents

The specialists of the firm Laforgia, Bruni & Partners offer advice on the new taxation system

One of the novelties introduced by the 2015 Stability Law is that relative to patent boxes, or an optional preferential taxation regime. This possibility is applicable to income derived from the use of intellectual property, patents and trademarks comparable to patents. Being a recent innovation in the fiscal world, in order to understand it better, one must rely on experienced professionals, such as those of the consulting firm Laforgia, Bruni & Partners in Bari.

The Apulian company's specialists, operating throughout Italy, will better explain all the advantages and situations arising from the 'introduction of the patent box' to every customer, which in substance removes tax percentages from income derived from the direct use of preferential intangible assets. To determine this amount, it will be necessary to start a procedure of international ruling, that is, a particular form of tax ruling with the Inland Revenue, which will then identify the value based on the relationship between research and development costs incurred for the maintenance and development of the the activity and the costs incurred to produce the good.

This facilitated taxation regime is a big novelty that therefore offers attractive economic benefits if used properly: to request information or to book an appointment with the specialists of the consulting firm Laforgia, Bruni & Partners in Bari, simply call the phone number 080 5212313 or 080 5210232. The company is based in Bari in Via Garruba 3, as shown in the map below.

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