Creation, protection and enhancement of trademarks.

According to the Code of Industrial Property, the trademark is a sign that can be represented graphically by means of words, including personal names, designs, letters, numbers, sounds, the shape of the product or its packaging, combinations or shades of colours, provided they are capable of distinguishing the goods or services of one company from those of other companies.

One of the main objectives leading to the protection of a trademark is to create loyalty between consumers and a company's products, as such a distinctive mark allows consumers to associate certain qualities with a product and/or service simply based on the applied trademark.

The firm is dedicated to providing:

  • Consulting and assistance for the creation and protection of trademarks, trade and services;
  • filing of national, EU and international trademark applications in any state;
  • consulting services relating to innovation and the possibility of registering trademarks in anticipation of their filing;
  • transfer of trademarks in Italy and abroad and preparation of related documents;
  • providing advice on issues of validity or infringement;
  • consulting in relation to conflicts between brand and company or firm, logo, geographical name and domain name.

Registration protects a brand in the entire Italian territory and in the State of San Marino and may be recognised in the Vatican City.

Registration protects a brand in all EU countries. The duration is 10 years, with the possibility of renewal for periods of 10 years.

The application for protection of an international trademark must be based on an earlier and related national or EU application or registration.

There are different levels of protection for a trademark: the owner may apply for protection in Italy, in the European Union or internationally.

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