Laforgia, Bruni & Partners is a consulting firm whose sole objective is the national and international protection of technological innovation and the expression of ideas.

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It makes use of expert and specialized personnel for areas of intervention:

The company offers complete consultancy, from assistance and filing of industrial property rights to technical-legal defence.

The consultancy firm Laforgia, Bruni & Partners, based in Bari but active throughout the national territory, is able to provide the best assistance and protection for everything concerning the registration of trademarks and patents, with complete service ranging from the filing of property rights to technical and legal defence. All this after having assuring complete knowledge of each client’s business, in order to protect them as best as possible. All this after having ensured the best knowledge of each customer’s activity, in order to be able to better protect him.

Laforgia, Bruni & Partners points out that a trademark is a distinctive sign (for example a word, a letter, a drawing) that distinguishes and characterizes a certain product or a certain service of a company compared to those of the competition; instead a patent is a legal title which is granted a monopoly of exploitation for a period of 20 years. This monopoly consists in preventing competitors from producing, selling or using their invention without the authorization of the patent holder. The professionals of the Bari company are therefore available to offer the best advice and assistance with a complete service that ranges from the preparation of the request for protection to any transfers up to support in the event of conflicts.

The headquarters of the consultancy firm Laforgia, Bruni & Partners is in Bari in Via Garruba 3: to request information or book an appointment, simply fill out the form in this section, or call the telephone number 080 5212313 or 080 5210232.

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How to protect a Software or App

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How we work

Our philosophy is to know the customer’s business in order to identify, protect and enhance the invention through the tools for protecting intellectual property recognized by national and international legislation.

Through a rigorous system of internal procedures, we identify the customer’s needs, guaranteeing the confidentiality of the information right from the start. We offer strategic planning to protect intangible assets without ever neglecting the size and expansive capacity of the client, who is followed right from the start by an expert consultant in the technological field of interest.

We guarantee excellent teamwork when it is necessary to interact with other professionals.

The costs of the procedures are exposed in a transparent way as are the risks associated with each activity.

Business organization

Laforgia, Bruni & Partners avails itself of authorized agents and professionals specialized in the various sectors of Engineering, Chemistry, Biology, Biotechnology and Software, as well as lawyers expert in Industrial Law.


What we offer

Laforgia, Bruni & Partners provides quality services based on customer orientation, offering a quick response and constant availability.

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