Copyright on intellectual works

The deposit of an unpublished work is a possibility of protection from plagiarism for all works not yet published. In this way the depositor obtains proof of the existence of the work with a certain date, which is that of its deposit at the SIAE. The following can be deposited (by way of example): novels, songs, short stories, poems, scripts, plots, subjects, audiovisual works, software, databases, graphic works.
In the case of a Software or an App (Application), which has an original and creative character, it is possible to protect it by means of publication and filing with the respective Public Register, exercising its exclusive rights, in particular that of economic exploitation.
The exclusive rights on the Software or on the App, due to the person who registered it, consist mainly in the right to carry out and authorize: the reproduction, permanent or temporary, total or partial, of the program by any means or in any form; the translation, adaptation, transformation and any other modification of the software, as well as the reproduction of the resulting work, without prejudice to the rights of those who modify the program; any form of public distribution, including rental, of the original program or copies thereof.

Our company provides the following services in this regard:

  • consultancy and assistance for the protection of Works subject to Copyright;
  • preparation and filing of Works subject to Copyright;
  • contracts relating to the management of copyright.


Intellectual works of a creative nature belonging to literature, music, figurative arts, architecture, theater and cinematography are protected under the Copyright Law, whatever the manner or form of expression:

literary, dramatic, scientific, didactic, religious works, both in written and oral form;

musical works and compositions, with or without words, dramatic-musical works and musical variations constituting the original work in itself;

choreographic and pantomime works, of which the trace is fixed in writing or otherwise;

works of sculpture, painting, the art of drawing, engraving and similar figurative arts, including scenography, even if applied to industry, provided that their artistic value is separable from the industrial nature of the product to which they are associated;

architectural drawings and works;

works of cinematographic, silent or sound art;

photographic works and those expressed with a procedure similar to that of photography.

The original title of the purchase of copyright is constituted by the creation of the work, as a particular expression of intellectual work, and from which arises the:

– MORAL RIGHT (personal-essential),

– PROPERTY LAW (of exploitation).

L’autore/Titolare dei diritti di sfruttamento ha il diritto esclusivo di pubblicare l’opera. He also has the exclusive right to economically use the work in any form and manner, original or derivative. Has the exclusive right to perform, represent or recite in public has as its object, the execution, representation or recitation, however carried out, whether for free or for a fee, of the musical work, dramatic work, cinematographic work, any other work of public entertainment and oral opera. It has the exclusive right of diffusion (audio, video, digital…). The author has the exclusive right to reproduce: i.e. the multiplication in copies of the work by any means, such as hand copying, printing, lithography, engraving, photography, phonography, cinematography and any other reproduction. It also has the exclusive right to put on the market has the object of putting the work or copies of it into circulation for profit and also includes the exclusive right to introduce into the territory of the State reproductions made abroad, for put them into circulation.

They last for the entire life of the Author and up to 70 years after his death. In the case of a collective work, with multiple authors, the duration lasts for the entire life of the authors until the death of the last of them.

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