An all-Italian story: Laforgia Bruni & Partners has been protecting trademarks and patents for 36 years

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An all-Italian story: Laforgia Bruni & Partners has been protecting trademarks and patents for 36 years

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Genius, invention, passion: it is above all these components of technology and knowledge that have become the essential coordinates for the growth of any economic system, of our Made in Italy in particular. Innovation, i.e. the application of knowledge to create more effective and better processes and products, is the basis of economic growth.

Why is it so important to defend Italian creativity and Made in Italy?
In this scenario, industrial property rights, the so-called IPRs, play a crucial role because they allow the protection of ideas, works and processes resulting from innovation, ensuring a competitive advantage for those who created them, opening up the possibility of enhancing the innovation, acquiring new markets and generating more innovation.

The good news is that Italy has been investing a lot in this area in recent times.

In 2021, the number of patent applications for industrial inventions and trademark registrations filed with the Italian Patent and Trademark Office of the MISE increased. 186 thousand applications were submitted last year, compared to 172 thousand in 2020 and 169 thousand in 2019.

In particular, of the 186 thousand filings in 2021, 48,684 concerned the trademark, 36,197 the translation of the text of the European patent, 22,177 the renewal of the trademark, 14,202 the dissolution of reserves and 11,607 the patent for industrial invention.

Who is Laforgia Bruni & Partners and who are the founding partners

However, it is a labyrinth of laws and regulations that is certainly not easy to navigate. In Italy, fortunately, there are professional realities that support companies at every stage in order to best protect their invention. For 36 years, there has been a studio that has made – we can say – history.

This is Laforgia Bruni & Partners, a company founded by two internationally qualified engineers in the field of industrial property, Domenico Laforgia and Giovanni Bruni.

The first studio based in Bari has been operational since 1986 with Prof. Laforgia joined by Eng. Bruni since 1990.

Laforgia, engineer, academic, was Rector of the University of Salento from 2007 to 2013, where he was also Dean of the Faculty of Engineering for six years and Director of the Department of Innovation Engineering for three years. Bruni, former manager of Bosch, Fiat-GM Powertrain, Nuvera Fuel Cells and General Motors Powertrain Europe, among other things developed the Common Rail injection system, for which he also appears as an inventor in numerous patents, and fuel cell engines .

Since 2006 the company has assumed its current name and the studio was opened in Turin. Subsequently, further operational offices were opened in order to cover almost the entire national territory.

What does the company specialize in?

Today Laforgia Bruni & Partners is a reality made up of great professionals specialized in the various sectors of engineering, industrial law and technology transfer, specializing in patents, trademarks, design, copyright, software and app protection and patent boxes.

The company provides various services, including consultancy and assistance for the protection of new inventions, brands, designs and works subject to copyright; preparation and filing of patent, trademark, etc. applications. in any European and international state; transfer of patents, trademarks and designs in Italy and abroad or licensing; consultancy in relation to validity or counterfeiting problems, and also in relation to trademark conflicts.

Here you will find more information on the services offered.

What tools exist to protect companies’ ideas

We were saying that there are various tools designed to protect companies’ ideas. A patent is a right, guaranteed by the State or the European Union, which gives the owner of an invention a monopoly on its exploitation.

The trademark, however – explain the founders of Laforgia Bruni & Partners – according to the industrial property code, is a sign capable of being represented graphically using words, including names of people, drawings, letters, numbers, sounds, the shape of the product, packaging and more, designed to distinguish a company’s products or services. One of the main objectives of protecting the brand is to create loyalty between consumers and a company’s products, because the brand gives security and becomes a trend.

Design and copyright also exist to identify and protect the inventions of startups and SMEs. Depositing an unpublished work avoids plagiarism: novels, songs, TV subjects, but also software, databases and graphic works can be deposited at the SIAE.

In the case of software or apps that have an original and creative character, protection is possible through filing with the respective Public Registry, exercising the exclusive rights, in particular that of economic exploitation.

Finally, there is the patent box, a novelty of the 2015 Stability Law: it is an optional regime of preferential taxation, applicable precisely to income deriving from the use of intellectual works, industrial patents and trademarks comparable to patents.

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